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He Began to Send Them Out “Two by Two” – Gordon Franz

“HE BEGAN TO SEND THEM OUT TWO-BY-TWO …” Gordon Franz Introduction Several reasons for a high attrition rate among missionaries are discouragement and loneliness on the mission field.  An individual or couple may go out for a few years and … Continue reading

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Nature and God – Kirk Bertsche PhD.

Outline (TXT) Audio (MP3) Slides (PPT) more

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The Messianic Psalms – T. Ernest Wilson

The Messianic Psalms By T Ernest Wilson Gospel Folio Press Grand Rapids MI Copyright 1997 To the memory of the intrepid pioneer evangelists and Bible teachers of the last generation, who left home, comfort, and safety to bear the Light … Continue reading

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That’s a Good Question – William MacDonald

Introduction Nothing happens in life by chance. Every­thing is planned or permitted. It was no chance that this booklet came into your hands. It contains truths which, if accepted, could change the whole direction of your life. Not only that—it … Continue reading

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Easter 2008 Nicholson/Amos Vancouver BC

Session 1: Friday March 21, afternoon Jabe Nicholson S1 Randy Amos S1 Session 2: Friday March 21, evening Randy Amos S2 Jabe Nicholson S2 Session 3: Saturday March 22, afternoon Randy Amos S3 Jabe Nicholson S3 Session 4: Saturday March … Continue reading

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Dr. Ironside’s Bible Notes


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The Luke Travel Narratives – Gordon Franz

Introduction Some critical scholars have suggested that the “Luke Travel Narrative” (Luke 9:51-19:47) are not historically and geographically correct. This paper will propose a chronological and historical reconstruction of the last six months of the life of the Lord Jesus … Continue reading

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