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The Search For Noah’s Ark – Video – a review and critique – Franz, Crouse, & Geissler

THE SEARCH FOR NOAH’S ARK (2008 Video Tape produced by the BASE Institute of Colorado Springs, CO. $14.95.) A review and critique by Gordon Franz, Bill Crouse, and Rex Geissler December 13, 2008 Introduction Adventurer Robert Cornuke has produced a … Continue reading

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The Luke Travel Narratives – Gordon Franz

Introduction Some critical scholars have suggested that the “Luke Travel Narrative” (Luke 9:51-19:47) are not historically and geographically correct. This paper will propose a chronological and historical reconstruction of the last six months of the life of the Lord Jesus … Continue reading

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Coins and the Book Of Revelation – Gordon Franz

Introduction Coins offer a “numismatic window” into the world of the New Testament (Oster 1982: 218). At the end of the First Century AD, the power-hungry Roman emperor minted coins as political propaganda in order to influence his culture. This … Continue reading

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