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The “Christmas Myth” as displayed by the American Atheists

THE CHRISTMAS MYTH AS DISPLAYED BY THE AMERICAN ATHEISTS   Gordon Franz   Introduction At the beginning of this Christmas season (2010), I was going into New York City to do some research at the New York Public Library. As … Continue reading

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William MacDonald on Ken Engle, The All Night Prayer Meeting

William MacDonald comments a few years back, in a message about how to discern the will of God, about my Dad, Ken Engle ….. never knew about the all night prayer meeting, wow!  Kevin Engle

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Great Audio – Otis Jean Gibson


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I Hear the Words of Love (Hymn)

I hear the words of love, I gaze upon the blood, I see the mighty sacrifice, And I have peace with God. ‘Tis everlasting peace, Sure as Jehovah’s Name; ‘Tis stable as His steadfast throne, For evermore the same. The … Continue reading

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The Luke Travel Narratives – Gordon Franz

Introduction Some critical scholars have suggested that the “Luke Travel Narrative” (Luke 9:51-19:47) are not historically and geographically correct. This paper will propose a chronological and historical reconstruction of the last six months of the life of the Lord Jesus … Continue reading

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Lord, Break Me! William MacDonald

“The brokenness of spirit which makes no resistance to the Father’s hand is a main element of fertility in souls wherein He works. It is not power He seeks from us, but weakness; not resistant force, but ‘yieldingness’ to Him. … Continue reading

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The Danger in the Delay – Exodus 32 – Mark Kolchin

THE DANGER IN THE DELAY Mark Kolchin Exodus 32 When the Lord was with His disciples in the Upper Room on the night before His death, He gave them this wonderful promise: “In My Father’s house are many mansions: if … Continue reading

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