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T. Ernest Wilson Video


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Conster – Nation – Ingimar DeRidder

Last year there were hundreds of TV commercials offering products to consumers with the seductive incentive “No payments until next year.”  Well,  guess what?  It’s next year.  Home foreclosures are not only up, fiscal reality has come down like a … Continue reading

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The Luke Travel Narratives – Gordon Franz

Introduction Some critical scholars have suggested that the “Luke Travel Narrative” (Luke 9:51-19:47) are not historically and geographically correct. This paper will propose a chronological and historical reconstruction of the last six months of the life of the Lord Jesus … Continue reading

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To What Should We Be Loyal – William MacDonald

What do you think of the person who says, “My parents were members of this denomination. I was born in it. And I’ll die in it.””Oh,” you say, “I think he’s wrong to talk like that:” “Yes, but why is … Continue reading

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Coins and the Book Of Revelation – Gordon Franz

Introduction Coins offer a “numismatic window” into the world of the New Testament (Oster 1982: 218). At the end of the First Century AD, the power-hungry Roman emperor minted coins as political propaganda in order to influence his culture. This … Continue reading

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