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Wanted a Man – T. Ernest Wilson

  “And I sought for a man . . . that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap .. .but I found none”, Ezek. 22. 30.   from the Biblical Resource Database Ezekiel was a prophet who … Continue reading

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Is Bigger Really Better? Jim McCarthy

from Bible & Life Can a local church become too big to be truly effective? Consider your car engine. It can efficiently produce great power, but only over the range of operation for which it was designed. It is called … Continue reading

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Lessons From the Amish – Jabe Nicholson

It was not only that it was the third school shooting in less than a week that caught America’s attention. It was the surreal image of police tape, investigators and news crews set against the backdrop of Amish horses and … Continue reading

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Distinctives of the NT Church – O. Jean Gibson

Virtually every Christian organization and church has what is called a “statement of faith”. Unfortunately, very few of regular attendees ever read them. Among evangelicals there is a common denominator among the creeds centered in the basics of true salvation. … Continue reading

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Spiritual Revival and the Lord’s Supper – David Dunlap

The practice of the Lord’s supper has fallen on unfortunate times. To many believers, the Lord’s supper is considered an incidental ordinance of the church to be dispensed with quickly at the end of a preaching service; to others it … Continue reading

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What I Have Found – Mark Frees

It is my privilege to introduce the reader to assemblies of Christian believers attempting to gather according to the pattern found in the New Testament. I write with some hesitation, for my last desire is to exalt man or any … Continue reading

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Preparation for Participation in the Lord’s Supper – Dan Snaddon

In this study we will go to the Scriptures to find out what God expects of us as we prepare ourselves to participate in the Lord’s Supper. What is your normal practice of preparation—or do you prepare at all? For … Continue reading

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